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At Electric Boogie Productions, we're not just about equipment; we're about curating unforgettable live entertainment experiences. We specialize in providing performers with industry-standard equipment and delivering our own brand of exceptional entertainment solutions. With us, you'll find the perfect blend of top-quality gear and captivating performances to make every event a memorable one. 

Our team is wholeheartedly passionate about live music and performances. We're thrilled to blend this artistry with our fervor for technology. Emphasising effective communication, we've discovered that centralizing our interactions with a sole supplier significantly expedites and simplifies our processes. This approach aligns seamlessly with our dedication to efficiency and collaborative excellence, enabling us to reach our objectives promptly and with crystal-clear clarity.

Beyond providing specialised AV equipment for entertainment, our in-depth understanding of the New Zealand music industry positions us as the ideal initial point of contact for all live performances.


  • Lighting / Audio / Staging for live entertainment 
  • Bands / Entertainment 
  • Backline hire
  • Production Design or Stage design. 
  • Production design involves the overall aesthetic and visual aspects of a performance or event. A comprehensive approach that ensures a cohesive and visually impactful experience for the audience.


We proudly stand out as one of the few organisations providing solar-powered battery solutions. Embracing sustainability, we've replaced traditional materials with reusable alternatives, minimising our use of duct tape to an eco-friendly minimum.

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Electric Boogie