Find information for planning your screen production, from scouting options to filming with drones.

You can also talk to our Screen Auckland team to find out more.

Filming with drones

Before requesting a film permit, learn more about the logistics and restrictions around filming with an UAV or drone, including civil aviation rules.

Find out about filming with drones. 

Couriers and international freight

International couriers such as DHL, Fedex, TNT and UPS operate to and from Auckland. New Zealand-based Xtreme freight forwarders and couriers provides a specialist door-to-door national and international service tailored to filmmakers’ specific needs.

Numerous courier companies also provide same-day and overnight services within New Zealand.

Location scouting in Auckland

Charter and private flights

Get a bird’s-eye view of the region on a helicopter or light aircraft tour. Flights are easy to arrange with experienced pilots and are perfect for location scouting above Auckland’s beaches, islands and forests. Private jet services are also available for charter.

Vehicle rental

We have many car rental companies – both international and local operators – with several specialists catering to film productions. A wide range of vehicle options is available, including transport vehicles, from budget to luxury.

Tracking vehicles, camera vans, makeup/wardrobe trucks, Winnebagos, RVs and motorhomes are also available for hire.


We have fast, secure broadband available to businesses and individuals throughout the Auckland region. Nationally, the average download speed is 27.4 MB/s, while the average upload speed is 13.2 MB/s.

Mobile phone coverage

Mobile phone coverage is extensive throughout most of New Zealand, with 3G coverage standard across the Auckland region and 4G available in the city.

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